April 20, 2017

My last blog post covered the Welshly Arms concert I recently attended.  Just before that show began I was talking to a couple of the venue employees when a gentleman walks up and says he uses the same camera as the one in my hand (Olympus E-M1 if you're wondering).  W...

April 4, 2017

Imagine having the opportunity to meet and shoot one of your favorite bands.  It seemed a little far fetched when last August I began tweeting at a band I've listened to over 20 years.  It started out as a dream mixed with hope that by tweeting each day for a month I w...

September 7, 2016

In 1996 I found myself in the position of being unemployed and searching for a job.  While driving around my Mid-Western town filling out applications I saw an Air Force Recruiter’s office as I sat at a stoplight.  I went in and told the man in the blue uniform behind...

August 15, 2016

“If you try to write something memorable, you’ll never get it.” 

-Cameron Crowe

This past weekend I had a new experience, a cool experience.  And though it may not be considered a big deal to most, it was to me.  It was my first time shooting any sort of event as a crede...

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April 17, 2017

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