How Bizarre

July 13, 2016

"Somewhere around 25, bizarre becomes immature."

 - Janet Livermore ~ Singles



The quote at the beginning of this post comes from a character in maybe the best movie ever made.  (I said maybe and I know it dates me a bit.)  Janet, who like the other characters is in her mid to late 20's is discussing her life decisions and whether or not she should choose off beaten paths or the one that is expected.  She then expresses her belief bizarre becomes immature around 25.


If that is true I may be in trouble.


I am never quite sure how others perceive me because to some I may appear to be a mature ordinary guy.  While others may question why I am taking pictures with my arm coming out of a toilet or wearing a bear mask out in public.  Perhaps I am mature, ordinary, and bizarre but I would love to be just a little more bizarre.  It isn't necessarily because I want people to think me as such, though it's fun when they do, bizarre to me exudes fun and creativity.


So, as I relaunch my website I hope to relate to a variety of people with my photography...and...maybe be just a little more bizarre. Even if it is immature.



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