Escape Is Just A Picture Away

July 18, 2016


In re-launching my photo website I really wanted to do a better job with the whole blogging portion but I  must admit either I haven't felt compelled to write or when I have it's as though I have no words to pen.  My intention with the blog is to use it as forum to share my thoughts about a picture I've taken or the experience I had while shooting.  Sometimes the words I write may be better than the image I am sharing; my hope is they will both resonate with anyone viewing and reading.  However, those images that tell a story all their own are often the ones I enjoy most. 


Escapism by definition may not sound all that positive.  Escaping unpleasant realities is something most all people do at one time or another. I know for some it comes through reading a book, watching a movie, or playing video games. I've been known to do all those things.  Yet, sometimes it is pleasant to escape not because life currently isn't, it's just fun to do so. In my attempt to create art with photography I view images taken by photographers I admire and get lost in their images. Sometimes the message they try to convey is an obvious one while others more subtle.  What do they see in the scene, what emotion have they asked the model to convey, do they love the image they shared as much as the people praising it in forums? These are questions I ask when reviewing the work of others.


I would label myself a socially introverted day dreamer who has the propensity to think about the imaginative or perhaps the impossible as though it were a possibility.  In my photography I would like to do a better job of bringing some of those thoughts to reality even if for a moment in a captured image.  However, it is challenging at times for me to get the ideas out of my head when shooting a picture, shooting an alternate reality...the escape.


When I started writing this entry I didn't yet know which picture I would share.  This particular shot is taken of my beautiful fiancé who often obliges my request to photograph her (I think she enjoys it as much as I do and I love her for it).  She had picked up this old wedding dress at Goodwill, one day while sitting on the sofa I asked if she were up for wearing the dress and shooting a sad bride scene. Not at all a reality in that moment, simply an imaginative portrayal. Minutes later she is happily doing her hair and make up while I begin setting the scene. 


The title of this series of pictures is Rainy Day Wedding.  Though it is apparent I am trying to capture the mood of a rejected bride it is my hope that people would look and ask why she is being rejected, what is it she is feeling and thinking, is there still a possibility for matrimony?  Maybe some don't ask those questions at all and think we're a couple of kooks taking weird pictures, either way they're imagining something outside their reality and perhaps my goal of creating an escape still holds up.

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