The Selfie

October 22, 2016

Today the accessibility to cameras is so prevalent as most everyone is armed with one on their phone, and shortly after capturing the shot, one can post it in myriad of outlets to update friends. Before the highly digital age we live in and the term "selfie" existed there was something simply called the self-portrait.  You know, people turning their actual cameras on themselves and capturing an image to stop time in their own life.  Selfies really aren't a new concept, they are just more easily shared.


Recently the decorated General Colin Powell shared the following image he snapped of himself 60 years ago as a young man. What a great image and one that is unexpected as we typically think of him as a military leader. 


Then there are many great self-portraits taken by perhaps one of the greatest street photographers only discovered after she passed away, Vivian Maier. She had been a professional nanny in her career and had a passion for photography.  She has become known for both capturing life around the cities she lived as well as

taking unique self-portraits. 

She was masterful in her execution!


It is neat to see the evolution of the equipment used and the results produced in those who take part in shooting selfies.  For me personally I shoot selfies for a couple reasons.  1. To hone my skills for future shoots with others. Working on lighting, poses, and setting the scene.  2. Sometimes I simply want to capture a particular mood I am feeling on a particular day. 

It is a great way for one to express themselves and perhaps even create bit of art.






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