Shots In Between Shoots

April 9, 2017

Is your camera an extension of you, going wherever you go, prepared to be used at a moments notice much like your fingers or feet?  Over the years I've begun taking my camera nearly everywhere in the event I see something worth photographing.  There are lines, fields, buildings, sunsets, clouds, cars, and moments all around to view on my commute to wherever it is I'm going. Of course I don't often stop to take the picture I visualize in my head due to time constraints or it's simply not safe to shoot pictures while driving (or standing in the way of those who are).  If you're like me it is often challenging to remain actively shooting images in between photo shoots.  If it isn't the limitation of time perhaps it is a lack of creativity or even sometimes the lack of desire to pick up your camera.


There are many ways to challenge yourself to keep active with your photography in the time you have in between scheduled gigs.  Some can be quite cumbersome like the "365 Project" where one snaps a picture everyday for a year.  It took me three times attempting a 365 project before completing one, I found it  a burden and honestly I came away with a lot of garbage pictures. There are people who challenge themselves to shoot "X Number" of strangers, I love this one because I like portraiture and hearing the stories of others.  Then there are some who not only snap the picture but also play the role of model/subject as they take selfies over a designated period of time. 


If none of those ideas inspire you perhaps you're lame and should sell your camera, I KID I KID, keep reading.  I'm writing this blog post because I've had lame moments and experience times where my creativity is sorely lacking.  Sometimes I look to others to find inspiration, sometimes it leads to imitation, that's okay because I'm shooting!  Recently while looking through the work of my friend Vincent Tsai I came across an album where he shoots chairs in monochrome.  It is simple and brilliant because chairs have texture, lines, and patterns, they also happen to be everywhere. So, given I just shared that bit of information you'll know why this post is full of eye glass images.  While looking around my house and asking what could be my

"monochrome chair" I noticed my glasses setting on a book under a lamp, my series began. 


What will you shoot?   You'll find yourself seeing whatever it is in places that yesterday were just benign details around you.  Once you find it have fun and don't stress it, this is your creative project!







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