Hanging Around This Town On A Corner

April 14, 2017

Sometimes you're just not looking in the right direction for the shot you think you're looking for.  The other day while walking about the city I stopped and perched myself upon a flower planter at a busy corner intersection. As I sat watching people and automobiles travel through and across the intersections before me I was finding little to prompt me to raise my camera for a shot.


A drop of water hit my hand.  


A few more plopped upon my head.


Initially I thought I was due to pack up with the encroaching rain when I looked up to assess the clouds in the sky.  What I found were two men suspended from ropes dripping water as they dipped their squeegees in and out of their buckets to wash the windows above me.  The next several minutes I was entertained snapping pictures of this tethered twosome bouncing off and careening down the wall on their ropes.  While they cleared the view for those in the offices above they created an image worth capturing for this photographer below.

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