Armed For Legendary Status

April 17, 2017

Several months ago the opening band for a concert I attended came on the stage and rocked the venue. They were loud without distortion.  They were polished with the tough edge of a rock band. Backed by an outstanding ensemble of bass, drums, piano, and vocals the lead singer came at the crowd with his grit infused voice and electric skills on guitar.  The band was Welshly Arms.  Having never heard of them I didn't know what to expect before the show.  After seeing them play I was hooked, I was a fan.  And like a fan I latched onto a song I identified as my favorite.  In my car the next day I rocked on repeat their song Nightprowler, in the time since, their catalog of songs is often in my listening rotation.


Fast forward a few months and Welshly Arms returned to the area playing at The HiFi, an intimate venue built with great sound in mind.  And great sound was the reward for those who attended!  With no greeting or even a hesitation the band got down to business.  The lead singer, Sam Getz, facing the drummer grabbed his guitar and immediately threw his arm down, his fingers lighting up the strings, the band followed suit, and the concert was rockin' (With my favorite song to start no less!!!).  


For the next couple of hours those in attendance were treated to a high octane show with great music. If you're not into smiling then you'll probably want to avoid a Welshly Arms show because it is pretty damn infectious.  Between the tunes they blast the crowd with (and there are so many I could list...Two Seconds Too Late, That VooDoo, Dirty Work, and of course Legendary), the smiles coming from supporting vocalists Bri and Jon Bryant, the bass line laid down by Jimmy Weaver, pounding rhythm from drummer Mikey Gould, and Brett Lindeman bringing it on the keys - swaying, singing, and smiling is nearly unavoidable.  


Welshly Arms is a band seemingly educated in the history of great musicians and their music as one can hear influences from different genres of the past.  A cauldron of rhythm and blues, soul, and rock simmers in the bands music.  Stirring the pot and blowing the lid off is what you'll get with Welshly Arms.


Check them out if they're in your area, you will not be disappointed.




Band Members: 

Sam Getz- Electric Guitar

Brett Lindemann - Keys

Jimmy Weaver- Bass

Mikey Gould - Drums 

Bri and Jon Bryant - Vocals 


See more pics here: Welshly Arms

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Armed For Legendary Status

April 17, 2017

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