Opening Act

April 20, 2017


My last blog post covered the Welshly Arms concert I recently attended.  Just before that show began I was talking to a couple of the venue employees when a gentleman walks up and says he uses the same camera as the one in my hand (Olympus E-M1 if you're wondering).  When asked if he worked at the venue too he responded, "I'm the opener." Though I felt a bit awkward with our introduction Dan rolled past it and chatted with me for a few.  Moments later Dan Rodriguez walked onto the stage, now knowing who he was, I welcomed him with a "Woooo," he laughed and replied, "Woooo."


A one man outfit, with his acoustic guitar, Dan walked onto the stage and immediately developed a rapport with the audience.  His sense of humor played well to the crowd while his charm and looks drew the attention of the ladies standing in front of me.  Those attributes were just a bonus to the great vocals and well written lyrics those in attendance heard the Minneapolis native sing.


I'm learning labeling musicians by a genre type can be challenging.  Dan's music is a bit of a folky, pop, country infused sound with a definite singer/songwriter element. In his writing one gets a glimpse into the soul and all that is meaningful to the guy who is playing on stage.  Adorned with an Oak leaf tattoo and telling stories of his wife wearing her wedding dress on their anniversary Dan was telling us about him. In his set he shares of himself as he sings about his home in the song Rum River, his wife in the verses of 25 Years (video below), and the lyrics, "when you feel like giving up, like you haven't got a friend, know that I am with you til the end" written to his son, Oak, in the song Til The End.


His touching songs will draw you in and make you think about the places and people important in your own life, but, he can also get a little funky too.  To close out his set Dan invited someone to the stage he identified with as a middle-child earlier in the show due to the man referring to himself as "Mr. Amazing." Needing some assistance for his final song Mr. Amazing was given the task of playing tambourine. You can hear Dan say, "he doesn't suck," as they brought the crowd to life with the song Kiss by Prince.  A great close to a great set.


I'd recommend checking Dan Rodriguez out if you have the opportunity, he doesn't suck.


In fact, he's quite good!






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