Cross Processed

November 11, 2018

In sports, teams indicate the roster needs a "shake-up" when there is a hint of stagnation or struggle.  Likewise, companies "make changes at the top" or we as individuals decide to "go in a new direction" when there is something else we desire to do.  In my desire to improve upon my photography I sometimes find myself frustrated with what I'm producing for fear it's stale.  I have tried new things, that are temporarily new, as our era of social media shifts from one popular scheme to another in a matter of days.  In my search for something new I have found myself (like a lot of other photographers), going old.


I'm shooting film.


I've talked to a couple of friends who are old enough to have begun shooting on film and friends who never shot pictures until they bought an iPhone ask me, "Why?"  At this point it is cliché, but as others have stated in articles or blogs I've read, shooting film reminds me of my youth as I grew up shooting it (basic point and shoot stuff), it forces you to be more thoughtful in your process, and it's fun to pick up your images from the developer.  Using film to make images has taught me the medium can be challenging when you don't have immediate feedback on a screen showing you the settings are all wrong.  Additionally, I've developed a greater appreciation for those photographers who've consistently produced good images only shooting film.  


It's been a while since I've written a post.  In addition to shooting film, I'd like to be writing consistently to share more of me than a frustratingly cropped image on an app.  In a world fueled by dopamine highs when someone likes or shares my images I would like to believe I am a person who still creates meaningful content.  Even if I occasionally find myself going a new direction in the process.








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